Arbeiten als Physiotherapeut im Ausland. Heute: Libanon!


Interview mit Ahmad Rifai Sarraj

Kurzinfo Ahmad Rifai Sarraj

Ahmad Rifai Sarraj arbeitet im Libanon als Physiotherapeut und Dozent an der Universität. Im Interview berichtet er von seinem Arbeitsalltag.

Das Interview

PHYSIOtalk: Where exactly do you work and what are your key activities?

Ahmad Rifai Sarraj: I am working at the Lebanese University as director of the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. I am also a research in neurophysiotherapy and Director of communication at the International Neurological Physical Therapy Association. My research interests include methodologies for human movement monitoring and analysis with emphasis on gait, physical activity and sport. My research aims to study mental training, to improve motor function and intervention programs in aging and patients with movement disorders and pain, and to identify metrics of performance in sport science.

PHYSIOtalk: How long have you been Physiotherapist and how long have you been working in your current job?

Ahmad Rifai Sarraj: I am working as physiotherpist since 1998 and I am full professor at the Lebanese University since 2010.

PHYSIOtalk: In which country did you do your education?

Ahmad Rifai Sarraj: In Lebanon

PHYSIOtalk: What is in your country, the average salary of a beginner?

Ahmad Rifai Sarraj: Basic salery for physiotherapist is about 600 $ it can go to 10.000 monthly for some physiotherapits. In average we can tell about 2000$ as average.

PHYSIOtalk: What are your working hours?

Ahmad Rifai Sarraj: My working hours is daily from 9:00 till 16:00 et it depends on my activities.

PHYSIOtalk: What are your working conditions or is there a distinct difference to Germany?

Ahmad Rifai Sarraj: I don’t know completely working conditions in Germany but I think it is little better in Lebanon as we have many educational and post-graduate programs in physical therapy.

PHYSIOtalk: What do you love about your job?

Ahmad Rifai Sarraj: Recovering patients’ functional abilities and quality of life.

PHYSIOtalk: What do you think was your most important training in your life for your job?

Ahmad Rifai Sarraj: Continual Education

PHYSIOtalk: What do you desire from your patients?

Ahmad Rifai Sarraj: Adherence

PHYSIOtalk: Does your country has associations and, if so, what are they?

Ahmad Rifai Sarraj: We have the Order of Physiotherapists in Lebanon.

PHYSIOtalk: Are you a member of any association?

Ahmad Rifai Sarraj: Of course. Nobody can practice physical therapy unless he is affiliated to the Order.

PHYSIOtalk: How long do you think you can practice your job in the same form?

Ahmad Rifai Sarraj: Until age of retirement in Lebanon : 64

PHYSIOtalk: Do you use e-learning or visit any websites for your job?

Ahmad Rifai Sarraj: Yes, always

PHYSIOtalk: What is the most important thing for you as a physiotherapist
and what would you like to have for your profession, if you had one wish?

Ahmad Rifai Sarraj: Continual education and implementation of evidence-based practice

PHYSIOtalk: The PHYSIOtalk-Team would like to thank you for this very intersting interview,
wishes you all the best for the future and please stay healthy!

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