Arbeiten als Physiotherapeut im Ausland. Heute: Peru

Chantal Paucar

Interview mit Chantal Paucar

Kurzinfo Chantal Paucar

Chantal Paucar ist Physiotherapeutin in Peru. Sie leitet ihre eigene Praxis, die auf Schmerztherapie und die Behandlung von Kindern spezialisiert ist.

Das Interview

PHYSIOtalk: Where exactly do you work and what are your key activities?

Chantal Paucar: I work in my own Rehab Center, Total Therapy. My key activities are coordinating the training courses of professional therapists. I also take care of patients in the main center.

“In 2011 I opened and started operating Total Therapy which focused on children´s therapy and pain management.”

PHYSIOtalk: How long have you been Physiotherapist and how long have you been working in your current job?

Chantal Paucar: I graduated in 2010 as a Physical Therapist but worked in the field since 2007. In 2011 I opened and started operating Total Therapy which focused on children´s therapy and pain management. We were 3 therapist and a surgeon.
We are now 6 therapists that work mostly on pain management. We also provide training courses and sales of therapy related items such as Kinesiotape, therapy and gym equipment, etc.

PHYSIOtalk: In which country did you do your education?

Chantal Paucar: I graduated from Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal, that has the first physical therapy school in Peru- I also have a Master´s Degree in Health Services Management from ESAN University and a Diploma in Graduate Level Teaching.

PHYSIOtalk: How can you imagine this training or are there any differences to an education in Germany?

Chantal Paucar: I am not familiar with the parameters of a physical therapist´s education in Germany. I can say that in Peru studying takes 5 years. The first 4 years are theoretical and practical education, the last year is an internship where we do our final practice and are able to expierence and treat a wide variety of pathologies.

PHYSIOtalk: What is in your country, the average salary of a beginner?

Chantal Paucar: A junior physical therapist makes about $200 a week in a salaried position (about 1.5 times minimum wage in Peru)

PHYSIOtalk: What are your working hours?

Chantal Paucar: I work 36 hours a week trating patients and around 12 hours a week teaching in the University.

PHYSIOtalk: What are your working conditions or is there a distinct difference to Germany?

Chantal Paucar: Our working space is similar to an office in Germany, with all the right equipment. Given that I have a private practice, it is up to international standards, which is not always true of public funded facilities.

PHYSIOtalk: What do you love about your job?

Chantal Paucar: I love to see a patient recovering from a debilitating injury or illness. I feel their energy changing every day they feel better. I put myself in their shoes and I know how gratedul they are when they feel better.

PHYSIOtalk: What do you think was your most important training in your life for your job?

Chantal Paucar: My basic training is important. But lately I know how much I have beneffited from learning how to use kinesiotape, manual therapy and dry needling.

PHYSIOtalk: What do you desire from your patients?

Chantal Paucar: I want them to get healthy and and have better lives.

PHYSIOtalk: Does your country has associations and, if so, what are they?

Chantal Paucar: There is one, the Peruvian Association of Physical Therapists (ASPETEFI by its initials in spanish)

“Most people confuse the benefits of a physical therapist and sometimes consider them only a provider of relaxing massages.”

PHYSIOtalk: Are you a member of any association?

Chantal Paucar: Yes, I am a member of ASPETEFI

PHYSIOtalk: How long do you think you can practice your job in the same form?

Chantal Paucar: I think until the end of this year, since we are in the process of training new therapists and expanding our bussiness.

PHYSIOtalk: Do you use e-learning or visit any websites for your job?

Chantal Paucar: I only use e-learning if it is a part of a course I’m studying, otherwise I prefer classes in person. I visit websites for research and to be up to date in the information regarding my field.

PHYSIOtalk: What is the most important thing for you as a physiotherapist and what would you like to have for your profession, if you had one wish?

Chantal Paucar: I would like for the general public to be better informed of the work we do. Most people confuse the benefits of a physical therapist and sometimes consider them only a provider of relaxing massages. Here in Peru we are starting to see new therapy methods and new concepts and slowly changing our views. The need to educate the general public is big, but I am working tirelessly to be part of the change.

The PHYSIOtalk-Team would like to thank you for this very intersting interview,
wishes you all the best for the future and please stay healthy!

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