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Interview mit Dery Merida

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Das Interview

PHYSIOtalk: Dear Dery, where exactly do you work and what are your key activities?

Dery Merida: I work at San Simon University as a teacher, and now I take up the position of acting director, I am a physiotherapist at the physiotherapy center called “Pura Vida Salud”, which I own along with 11 other physiotherapists, and I organize manual therapy courses.

PHYSIOtalk: How long have you been a physiotherapist and how long have you been working on your current job?

Dery Merida: I graduated in 1998, and I received my bachelor’s degree in 2001, so I’m a physiotherapist for 16 years, I’m working in the university for 10 years, in my physiotherapy center for 9 years.

PHYSIOtalk: In what country did you do your education?

Dery Merida: Study in Cochabamba – Bolivia

PHYSIOtalk: How can you imagine this formation?
Or is there any difference with an education in Germany?

Dery Merida: The formation that I am starting in the Maitland concept, had some idea, but by reference of friends of Peru, because in Bolivia we knew nothing about it, I think the difference with Germany is that you, have an easier access.

PHYSIOtalk: What is the average salary of a beginner in your country?

Dery Merida: In Bolivians they are like more or less 1200 BS. In Euros 150

PHYSIOtalk: What are your working hours?

Dery Merida: I work from 08:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 18:00 in the university and in my center from 18:30 to 20:30

PHYSIOtalk: What are your working conditions or is there a clear difference in Germany?

Dery Merida: There is still lack of recognition of the Bolivian physiotherapist, an example the government requests physiotherapists, but with an academic level of auxiliary, and does not recognize the degree, which is the level of egress in most of the universities of the Bolivian system.

PHYSIOtalk: What do you love about your job?

Dery Merida: In college I love being able to contribute in improving the profile of the professional physiotherapist Bolivian, I really like working with patients because each one teaches me what I can do or what I need to improve.

PHYSIOtalk: What do you think was your most important training in your life for your job?

Dery Merida: I think I went through many stages, at one time was osteopathy, and I found that I could not do many things, then I started looking for and found the myofascial induction, which seduced me a lot, now I saw what the concept Maitland shows and I’m as if Was a beginner, before the clinical reasoning.

PHYSIOtalk: What do you want from your patients?

Dery Merida: Improve their role, independence, recognition of the profession and our ability

PHYSIOtalk: Does your country have partnerships and, if so, what are they?

Dery Merida: We have, the national is called COFYKBOL and the departmental to which I belong, COFYKCO (College of physiotherapy and kinesiology Cochabamba)

PHYSIOtalk: Are you a member of any association?

Dery Merida: Member of COFYKCO

PHYSIOtalk: How long do you think you can practice your work in the same way?

Dery Merida: Just like now, my goal is only this year, then to return to be only teacher, and therapist, as far as the forces allow me, 70 years.

PHYSIOtalk: Do you use e-learning or visit any website for your work?

Dery Merida: No, we do not have that form.

PHYSIOtalk What is most important to you as a physiotherapist?
And what would you like to have for your profession, if you had a wish?

Dery Merida: In my country, recognition in the health area of ​​the Bolivian system.

PHYSIOtalk The PHYSIOtalk team would like to thank you for this very interesting interview,
Wish you the best for the future and please stay healthy!

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