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Interview mit Matthieu Loubiere

Kurzinfo Matthieu Loubiere

Das Interview

PHYSIOtalk: Where exactly do you work and what are your key activities?

Matthieu Loubiere: Hi, I’m very happy to answer to do this interview with you. I’m a French physiotherapist (in France we are called Kinésithérapeutes) and a trainer (for students and professionals). I work inTroyes. It’s a small city near Reims and Paris. I’m specialized in orthopaedic manual therapy and I work on musculo-skeletal pathology.

PHYSIOtalk: How long have you been a physiotherapist and how long have you been working in your current job?

Matthieu Loubiere: I have been a physiotherapist for 12 years. I moved twice. I worked in Versailles, Dole (jura) Troyes. I have always worked in small cities.

PHYSIOtalk: In which country did you do your education?

Matthieu Loubiere: I studied in France.

PHYSIOtalk: How can you imagine this training (??? What do you mean?)
or are there any differences to an education in Germany?

Matthieu Loubiere: I’m not an expert but in France, you must study for 5 years to become a physiotherapist. The first year is shared with all the other medical students. Then you take an exam and if you pass it you can learn specific physiotherapy for 4 years. After passing the final degree, you can further your training in different specialities. (which ones?)

PHYSIOtalk: What is, in your country, the average salary of a beginner?

Matthieu Loubiere: It depends on the type of work. If you work in a public hospital, you can be paid 1,300-1,600 euros per month at the beginning (35 hours), in a private hospital, you can be paid 2,000-3,500 euros (35-50 hours).

PHYSIOtalk: What are your working hours?

Matthieu Loubiere: I have a particular status in France. I have a clinical activity during 2 days two days a week and I’m a trainer 3 days a week. When I work in my office, my working hours are 8.30 12.00 – 13.00 19.00 but some of my colleagues work longer hours.

PHYSIOtalk: What are your working conditions or is there a distinct difference with Germany?

Matthieu Loubiere: I really don’t know what are the working conditions in Germany.

PHYSIOtalk: What do you like about your job?

Matthieu Loubiere: A lot of things. Meeting different people, talking about their jobs, their ideas, their lives, trying to heal them. I really like seeking what will help their pathologies and clinical reasoning.

PHYSIOtalk: What do you want for your patients?

Matthieu Loubiere: I think that the health system in France has two sides. A good one in so much as everybody can be treated but there is a sort of assistance about health. Perhaps if people were more concerned with their treatment, they could heal much faster. So I would like to implement strategies for my patients that would enable them to have personal approach to their treatment.

PHYSIOtalk: Does your country has associations and, if so, what are they?

Matthieu Loubiere: Yes. We’ve got some associations such as a union, a professional order or scientific organizations. They help professionals to be better informed so as to improve their practice.

PHYSIOtalk: Are you a member of any association?

Matthieu Loubiere: Yes. It’s mandatory to be part of the professional order . I’m also a member of the SFP and the OMT France which are scientific organizations.

PHYSIOtalk: How long do you think you can practice your job in the same form?

Matthieu Loubiere: All my life I hope. I really like it.

PHYSIOtalk: Do you use e-learning or visit any websites for your job?

Matthieu Loubiere: Yes, I use MOOC at coursera or different universities. E-learning is now really popular in France, we can get much useful information thanks to this tool. We also have a French blog which is a good help for physio.

PHYSIOtalk: What is the most important thing for you as a physiotherapist
and what would you like to have for your profession, if you had one wish?

Matthieu Loubiere: The most important thing is probably that each professional needs to pursue their training themselves. It’s a good thing to remain motivated and evolve in our profession. I’ve got a lot of wishes, perhaps the most important progress for our profession would be first intention consultation.

PHYSIOtalk: The PHYSIOtalk team would like to thank you for this very interesting interview,
Wish you the best for the future and please stay healthy!

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