Lorimer MoselEy – weltberühmter Physiotherapeut aus Australien


Interview mit Lorimer MoselEy

Kurzinfo Lorimer MoselEy

Lorimer MoselEy, Physiotherapeut in Australien, und weltberühmt.

Die Kursdaten:
Explain Pain Supercharged
Hamburg, FiHH
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Das Interview

PHYSIOtalk: Dear Mr. MoselEy, thank you very for your possibiliy to talk to you!
Can you introduce yourselve and your work a bit?

Lorimer MoselEy: I am a physiotherapist. I worked as a clinical physiotherapist for 8 years then I did a PhD with Paul Hodges (physiotherapist), Michael Nicholas (psychologist) and Simon Gandevia (neurophysiologist) at the University of Sydney. Since 2002, I have been researching pain, with a special interest in understanding, preventing and managing persistent pain. My research uses psychological, physiological and behavioural experiments to help develop or improve treatments and clinical trials to help test them.

PHYSIOtalk: You will come to Germany 2018. Where and when are you talking and teaching?

Lorimer MoselEy: I am coming to Hamburg, on ?? you know the dates?? and i will be teaching on pain sciences and how we can use pain sciences to improve our treatments.

PHYSIOtalk: What will be the main issues of the courses and speeches?

Lorimer MoselEy: Physiotherapists can feel threatened by the new wave of thought and practice that has been generated by modern pain science. I hope to reassure physiotherapists that contemporary pain science actually offers physiotherapists many more opportunities than it does threats. We can not turn back knowledge but we can turn new knowledge into better strategies to prevent and treat persistent pain. I hope to provide sufficient understanding of modern pain science for physiotherapists to overcome the apprehension and become inspired by the opportunities. Modern pain science brings new thinking frameworks with which to make sense of why some people get better quickly and others do not, why old aches and pains return when we are sick, why physiotherapists can be at the forefront of evidence based care for people in pain, and why rehabilitation must include a broader understanding of pain than a simple tissue damage model.

PHYSIOtalk: What is the most important thing for you as a physiotherapist
and what would you like to have for your profession, if you had one wish?

Lorimer MoselEy: I’d like two things – that physiotherapists are first line of care everywhere and that physiotherapists shift ourselves from being pathology detectors and correctors to true facilitators of recovery and optimal health.

PHYSIOtalk The PHYSIOtalk-Team would like to thank you for this very intersting interview,
wishes you all the best for the future and please stay healthy!

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