Italienischer Physiotherapeut & Osteopath zum Erfolgskurs FIXSIT®

Interview mit Gian Pietro Mainardi

Kurzinfo Gian Pietro Mainardi

Gian Pietro Mainardi ist Physiotherapeut und Osteopath aus Italien. Er stellt seinen Kurs FIXSIT® vor.

Das Interview

PHYSIOtalk: Dear Gian, may you introduce yourselve?
Gian Pietro Mainardi: My name is Gian Pietro Mainardi I’m an Italian Physiotherapist and Osteopath; I love my profession and work very much with postural disorders in my studio in Genoa. My wife is an Orthodontist and I’ve worked with her several times to solve postural dysfunction’s modifying the ATM joint and following the patient with manual therapy; I do the same when I find feet dysfunctions using Formthotics to maintain and change the patient’s posture; this because ATM and feet are primary postural receptors in standing position

PHYSIOtalk:Tell us something more about your new course?
Gian Pietro Mainardi: The idea of creating a system to change posture while sitting was born because during the sitting position ATM joint goes in a ‘Lee way space’ position and looses it’s function as primary postural receptor; the pelvis substitutes the ATM joint and any dysfunction in this area causes a sitting postural dysfunction. Many people spend several hours sitting at their job and the passion for my patient’s welfare brought me to create this system able to modify and maintain the posture after the manual therapy.
FixSit is the first and only system in the world that considers the postural dysfunction’s during the sitting position; Physiotherapists will have a new and innovative instrument to improve their treatments and bring benefits to the daily life of his patients.
Physiotherapists will also learn how to value sacro iliac joint and it’s dysfunctions, which muscles create each incorrect position of the pelvis and how to correct it using FixSit®

PHYSIOtalk: Where exactly do you offer courses?
Gian Pietro Mainardi: We will start corses in Italy (, Germany ( and Spain ( from January 2018, and we are going to be present in different conventions all over Europe and we are already visiting other countries to program courses.

PHYSIOtalk: What is the feedback of the course participants?
Gian Pietro Mainardi: Low back pain is the first cause of working diseases in the world and the FixSit system is a revolutionary method able to give a solution to the problem; learning how to calibrate FixSit on your patients will improve the quality of their lifestyle and will give you the possibility to follow him with follow ups to value the postural improvements, just like the orthodontist does with his patients.

PHYSIOtalk: Where can interested people get more informations?
Gian Pietro Mainardi: For further informations visit or our facebook page



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